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sometimes it's bit cold, but not bad food for quality

Aidas, 17 Sep 2020

excellent pizza quality ingredients and the sides are great as well

William, 13 Sep 2020

Excellent Pizza

Michael, 12 Sep 2020

Excellent Pizza

Michael, 12 Sep 2020

I really enjoy Stone Pizzeria and I really like having it. It is very italian and thin crust. Olivia (9 yrs).

Andrew, 11 Sep 2020

Please knock on downstairs window 2 a grove road

Ian Fairless, 10 Sep 2020

Hi, We love your pizza and order regularly, however, for the last two orders additional toppings we’ve added in the margarita have not been put on the pizza but we have paid for them. This is pretty disappointing.

Kate, 06 Sep 2020

Best pizzas around!

Andrew, 04 Sep 2020

In general like the pizzas and garlic bread we have had but didn't like the pepperoni

Hugh, 03 Sep 2020

Very good pizza with quick delivery, many thanks

Nick, 29 Aug 2020

tasty and nice food for price

Aidas, 25 Aug 2020

We love your pizza!!!

Kate , 22 Aug 2020

Such amazing food, even a fussy pizza eater thoroughly enjoys the pizza’s from Stone

Fleur, 20 Aug 2020

It was quick and very delicious

Yusuf, 17 Aug 2020

very good

Faheem, 14 Aug 2020

Good and reliable

Ross, 13 Aug 2020

Good and reliable

Ross, 13 Aug 2020

Good pizza

Oana, 09 Aug 2020


Faheem, 08 Aug 2020


Eduarda, 07 Aug 2020

Very good quality food and very quickly and safely delivered. i REALLY ENJOY EATING YOUR PIZZA!

Andrew, 07 Aug 2020

Thanks for providing proper Italian style pizza!

Lopold, 06 Aug 2020

Lovely food, cheerfully delivered (thanks Shah!).

Brian, 21 Jul 2020

Very unhappy with the service. Delivery driver got lost, then went to wrong address. Was told I could get refund on their website but there's no option for that.

Angelo, 16 Jul 2020

  Reply : Really sorry about the driver. It seems that his navigation system wasn't quite working. Was very pleased to replace the order. We hope it was enjoyable. The online order platform is managed by foodhub, a third party. However, we should be launching our own online ordering platform in the next few weeks.

Hi Shah. Sorry to moan but logging in to this site is ridiculously hard. I almost gave up but then - miraculously! - my password and address were suddenly recognised and I was in. I think there is a glitch, because this has happened before. Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to our pizzas! All the best, stay safe, Brian PS I now see I can’t even send this feedback unless I put in 3 entirely entirely inappropriate omments on your pre-defined ‘options’ for comment! Even if I wanted to comment on them I couldn’t because - of course - I’ve only just placed our order and I haven’t got our pizzas yet! I’ve chosen 3 answers at random. B

Brian, 04 Jul 2020

  Reply : HI Brian. Just seen your message. We are looking into this and making some updates. Unfortunately, it's taking a little longer than we thought. Should be soon. Thanks

We order pizza stone baked was delicious. Best pizza in East London. Good job guys

Barbara, 28 Jun 2020